Pip Stewart

Author: Unknown

One of the rarest careers taken on after university is one of an adventurer, which was the route followed by Pip Stewart. She documented her paths when facing dangerous wildlife and paddling through the Amazonian rivers, to show a variety of different cultures, ideas and stories. All in all, she is an adventurer, journalist and presenter. “I studied History and Politics at Oxford University,’’ she says, ‘’and subsequently worked in Asia for five years as an anchor and reporter in Hong Kong and Malaysia. I reported on the Malaysian election and produced political and travel multimedia stories for The Telegraph, BBC, CNN and South China Morning Post, amongst others.” One of her most recognised journeys was when she cycled from Malaysia to London, covering 10,000 miles and 26 countries in 2013. Additionally, she took a 3,000-mile cycle, boat and plane journey in 2016 to raise awareness about the environmental issues in Brazil and Peru. Just last year (February 2018), she, along with Laura Bingham and Ness Knight, did what was considered almost impossible - they paddled the entire length of The Essequibo, South America's third largest river. At the moment, she lives in London, waiting for another adventure to begin…