Petra Volpe

Author: Unknown

Petra Volpe, born in Suhr, Switzerland, in 1970, is a Swiss screenwriter and film director. Ever since her childhood, she has had a fervent passion for films, and after graduating from the Konrad Wolf film school, she began producing her own. Her first film, Dreamland, is about a man who lives alone on a houseboat and finds a wounded man on the cargo deck. As he begins to help the wounded man, strange occurrences begin. Subsequent to its release in 2014, it received critical acclaim. Next came Heidi, a more lighthearted film about a girl who lives in the Swiss Alps with her goat herding grandfather. However, perhaps the most revered is The Divine Order, released in 2017. This comedy-drama film tells the untold story of suffrage in Switzerland. Furthermore, in an interview with La Chat’s The Update, Volpe explained that she looked to convey a political message through the journeys of several relatable characters, most notably Nora. Nora starts out quite content with her life but soon becomes interested in suffrage. This interest turns to infatuation as she does all she can to advance women’s place in society. The Divine Order was also met with critical acclaim, garnering numerous accolades, including the Best Global Cinema award at the San Diego International Film Festival. To Volpe, facing one’s failures and the darker chapters of one’s history facilitates change. She sees this as a stepping stone, and in the future hopes to see equal pay, which she believes is the first step in achieving full equality; more women in politics and greater female representation in the film industry, amongst other things. But above all, she urges feminists out there to be more involved in their communities, as people need to voice their opinions in order to shape their society.